Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Day-Out With My Boys!

Last week, we headed to the airport as we haven't been there for many months, and Shayne missed playing with his mini Tomika toy cars at the toy shop at T3. Here are the photos of our day at the airport, enjoy!

First stop, visiting The Great Adventure Exhibition @ Changi Airport :

Happy me and my babyboy :)

I feel like squishing his cheeks whenever I see this photo of him!!!! My little cutie munchkin. <3

Checking out the game

My mum shared with Shayne the different countries around the world and he was quite fascinated with the giant globe. Haha.
With my mum and baby Nathan, on a boat. :D
My mum kept talking to baby Nathan about the different animals etc, and he looked so lost throughout the entire time. Hahaha.
Sitting on top of a cheetah's head! Roar!
Hello Mr Warrior!
Candid shot taken by Papa.
Next stop: Sitting on the sky train and heading for lunch!

Just me and baby Nathan, standing in a majestic-looking shelter ;)
Time for LUNCH!!! Yummm.

Hungry Shayne :D

Haha, I love this boy so much. #wildandfree

We decided to walk around after lunch, and we soon headed to Terminal 3...
Trying the Millionaire lucky draw!

Papa won an instant prize! Woohoo!
My tired "Batman", with his little tummy ;)
 Last but not least, here are some photos of us and Shayne! And in case you're wondering where's baby Nathan, he was fast asleep in my mother's arms. Haha. He's forever my sleepy little baby... :)

My 2 happy handsome misters!

Haha, my silly boy and I.
I look like a tall giant in this photo. Hahaha. Anyways can you spot tiny Shayne behind me? He was playing with his Tomika toy cars. ;)

And that's the end of this day-out with my family post, I hope you had a good weekend with your loved ones too!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

BROTHERHOOD #6: 6 things I'd like to tell my sons, before they're too cool to listen.

1) Love each other. Never lose your love, trust and respect for each other no matter what happens. Learn to forgive and forget, and treasure each other.

2) Do not be too ashamed, or too arrogant, to ask each other for help. Offer help to each other, and accept help from each other.

3) Remain as close as possible, even when both of you are busy with your own lives. Communicate everyday, if possible.

4) Love each other whole-heartedly. Accept each other's flaws. And most importantly, do not criticise about one another to others.

5) Both of you are meant for big things. Do not self-doubt, and do not be afraid. Into everything, there is always another way. I believe that both of you will be able to succeed in whatever you want to do in your lives. And I will always be your biggest supporter.

6) Both of you are the kindest souls I know of, and both of you make me so happy everyday. Thank you for coming into my life, both of you are my constant reminder that life is beautiful. :)

I love you both, with all my heart and soul.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Since last year, we have enrolled Shayne in a Speech and Drama course at his pre-school and he loves it! Shayne enjoys his speech and drama lessons, and he always recites to us a poem or two when he returns home, with lots of flamboyant funny hand gestures. Haha. And I think it's wonderful that he's able to learn many new vocabulary words through fun and play. ;) 

A few weeks ago, we managed to steal some time from work to watch a performance which his school has invited all parents to. All the kids performed very well and they looked so happy throughout the performance! I'll let the photos do the talking, enjoy! :)

Spinning around, which was part of the dance ;)
Pretending to be in a submarine under the water :D

Hiding from the sea monsters!

Shayne's cheeky face, haha.

After the performance, all the kids received a certificate :)

His certificates which we keep in our family's album. :) I can't wait for baby Nathan to attend such courses in the future, I know he's going to have lots of fun, just like his big brother! ;)
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