Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hahahaha!!! I love my boys so much.

Shayne wore his Chinese traditional costume as he was celebrating racial harmony that day, and he was so so happy before he left for school. Haha. As for baby Nathan, he would sometimes smile and laugh when we play with him. And I managed to capture a laughing photo of him that day! Yay!

May the both of them be forever so happy, even when skies are grey. My two little son-shine. Haha :D

Monday, July 28, 2014


Baby Nathan at 2 weeks old:

1. He loves to cuddle and he'll give a slight smile whenever someone kisses his cheeks repeatedly.

2. He can cry really loudly when he's upset and gives the saddest little face, which is actually quite adorable. Haha.

3. He gives the cutest baby sigh after he lets out a big yawn.

4. He loves to stare at people intensely when he's awake and seems to be thinking really hard at the same time too. I always wonder what is he thinking about. Hmm...

5. Last but not least, I've been co-sleeping with him every night and to be honest, it is very tiring to nurse him so frequently. But to know that he's growing up healthily and becoming a strong boy all because of me is a pretty amazing feeling. ;)

HAPPY 2 WEEKS NATHAN! Your big brother, Papa and I love you so much. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Last evening, we headed to Marina Bay to take a look at the National Day Parade rehearsal. And it was better than what I had expected it to be! As we were standing from a distance, I thought we wouldn't be able to see much, but I was wrong. We were able to see the fighter planes, some fireworks and could even hear the salutation commands! Needless to say, the view was breathtaking.

Here are some photos from our last evening:

The sounds from the planes were extremely loud and it was thrilling to see the planes flying above us. It's definitely not something that you see every day. ;)

The audience from the NDP rehearsal 

The majestic merlion...
And some pretty flowers :)

Colourful smoke! We overheard a girl telling her mother "Look! Smoke from a colourful volcano!" haha. Kids are so innocent, and funny.

Soon it was time for us to leave. Bye-bye Marina Bay!



Thursday, July 24, 2014


These photos were snapped when baby Nathan was just 3 days old. I still remember the moment when I snapped these photos on my phone. Shayne didn't jump up or down, or get all excited upon seeing his baby brother that day. Instead, he kept rather quiet and just stroked his brother's cheeks gently. :)

It's a wonderful feeling to see my two boys being so close to each other. As their mother, my number one wish for both of them is that they will love each other unconditionally and be there for each other in times of joy and sorrow.

And on a lighter note, I just got to add this funny statement from Shayne before I forget all about it. He'll say this whenever baby Nathan is crying:

"Quick Mama, show him your neh-neh!!! He wants milk!!! Sshh sshh Nathan, the neh-neh is coming to you soon. Sshh sshh...."

Hahaha! This cheeky Shayne.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Life as a working-at-home-mum with a newborn.

So Papa has returned back to work, Shayne is at school, and it's just baby Nathan and I at home now. It has been a good day so far, he is really a well-behaved little one. Whenever he's awake, he'll just look around calmly and seems to be really at peace with everything around him. He doesn't get startled easily and has adapted to his new surroundings very well. And he has pooped a few times today! Yayyy! He gives the most serious face when he's pooping. It's really funny. :D

Papa and I have so many work-related activities lined up for us, and he has to buy tons of ikea furniture all by himself as I can't leave baby Nathan for more than 2 hours. He's still a newborn and requires frequent nursing. Moreover, there's so much germs hanging in the air at enclosed shopping areas! Not good for a baby. Hopefully Papa will be able to handle everything while baby and I stay at home... Sometimes I feel bad for not physically helping out in our tutorial centres as I have to look after our babyboy. I guess I'm experiencing some sort of a "working guilt"? Nonetheless I've been working from home whenever baby Nathan is fast asleep. Such as arranging our tutors and receptionists schedule, checking our tutorial worksheets, planning of revision courses and timetables, updating our websites etc.

Right now as I'm typing, baby Nathan is sleeping in my arms. He makes the funniest baby noises when he's asleep, like "eh eh ehhhh" and "hmmm!". Haha. He also makes funny snorting sounds, like a piglet, just before he nurses. Sometimes he smiles or laughs in his sleep too. Haha it's really the cutest.

Here are some photos taken today :)

Reading time! A zoo storybook and visual training book.
"Papa, why are you so close to me??!" Btw Papa looks mad here. Hahaha
Overly-happy Papa and our smiling Nathan :)

Good night everyone! Sweet dreams!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


19th July: it has been 6 days with baby Nathan and so far, he has been a good boy. Shayne has been very accepting of having a younger brother. Whenever I tell him that he has to wait because I'm busy with his baby brother, he'll understand and just continue doing his own thing. There's no sibling rivalry or jealousy, probably because both of them are 6 years apart. Haha. Shayne is a mature young boy now, in a few days time, I'll have to register a primary school for him. Eeeks! Time flies.

Baby Nathan has been nursing a lot, each nursing session would last about an hour. Thank god I nursed Shayne till he was 1 year old+, otherwise I don't think I could have endured the nursing sessions with baby Nathan. This boy can really drink, a lot! So it's back to 2-3 hours of night sleeping, no more 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep anymore... But this will pay off in the future! He'll be a strong and healthy boy. ;)

Nonetheless baby Nathan has been a cooperative and a contented baby so far. I can't wait to see how his personality develops over the next few months. :)

And here are some photos of our first week with baby Nathan!

As I'm typing this, both Papa and baby are sleeping soundly together. :)
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