Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photos of Our Mother's Day 2015! (And a short message to my Mum)

Mother's Day Weekend

Here are a few photos of our Mother's Day weekend:

Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be a mother of 2 wonderful boys.. All I can hope for is that they will grow up to be 2 gentlemen who treat women well and most importantly, respect them too.
Holding the building on my palm :P
A rare quiet moment between Papa and baby Nathan, who is growing up too quickly! Nathan is able to crawl and cruise around our house so effortlessly nowadays, and as usual, he loves to taste all kinds of food! ;)
Shayne skipping and running away, as usual. Haha
Our family's selfie! Say Cheeseee!
And a quick toilet selfie. HAHAHA.
Standing at the rooftop of the Esplanade with my family! Shayne and Nathan was so amazed by all the buildings and everything around them. It's really wonderful to observe how quickly and easily kids are amazed by the things around them. :)

Last but not least, a final photo with my two sweethearts before we called it a night. :) This is my 7th mother's day and every year, it still feels as wonderful as the previous years. I'm so grateful to have a supportive and loving husband by my side, who is also a great dad to our sons, and a hardworking business partner. Without him, I really wouldn't be as adventurous, calm or relaxed as I am today. I think I'll probably be a person who is always very serious and uptight. :P

And speaking of mother's day... my mum is a single mother and I've seen how much she has struggled, all by herself, to raise my sisters and me. And for that, I'm forever grateful to her and one million 'Thank You's can't make up for how much she has sacrificed for us. She has taught us many life lessons and one of the most memorable one to me is that we have to work hard to succeed in this chaotic and challenging world we live in. She told us never to take anything, even our loved ones, for granted because it can all disappear one day. That may be the reason why I always tell/remind my husband and sons that I love them very much before I fall asleep. Haha.

Ok I got to log off now. I'll try to update our blog soon again, byee :)

A grainy photo of my cute sisters and me! :D

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Fun Day at Sentosa Merlion! (Family attraction in Singapore)

Standing at the top of the 37 metres tall Merlion at Sentosa!
The view from the top
These photos are part 2 of our this year's Chinese New Year, which is about 3 months ago. I've been wanting to upload these photos for the longest time, but you know.....I got lazy and procrastinated. Haha. Anyways, we had 5 days of holiday and on the first 2 days, other than the usual house-visiting of relatives, we headed to the double helix bridge, Marina Bay Sands mall, God of Fortune/ River Angbao area etc (photos of that can be seen here). So on the 4th day, we went to Sentosa and decided to check out the majestic 37 metres tall Merlion! :)

Background of the legendary Merlion: It is a mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body – as a guardian of prosperity which personifies Singapore’s history as an important seaport. Today, the majestic Merlion is a Singapore icon attracting visitors from all around the world. There are a few Merlions in Singapore, such as the 8.6-metre porcelain statue at Merlion Park, 2-metre cub porcelain statue right behind it, a 3-metre polymarble statue at Tourism Court and Mount Faber. Last but definitely not least, there’s the majestic 37-metre-tall concrete Merlion on Sentosa Island! Unlike its predecessor by the Esplanade, Sentosa Merlion distinguishes itself as the only Merlion in Singapore where it's open for exploration and discovery.

Walking with my boys, while Papa snaps random photos of us and the surrounding.
Yup, he took a few photos of my long hair too. -__-"
Shayne felt worried because we told him that we'll be entering the Merlion's mouth and head, and he realised that it was really high above the ground.
Chinese New Year festive red lanterns :)
Deep in thoughts
We entered the foot of the Merlion and walked past this coin machine which melts and changes your coin into a unique Merlion coin souvenir. And of course, we had to give it a try!

Showing us his Merlion coin :)
Entering the mysterious-looking cave

I'm not gonna lie, it was a little spooky :/
After exploring the cave, we headed to a small movie theatre which explained the history of the Merlion and our Lion City. After that, we were led into a room which had the Gold Merlion Statue. We were given a card to slot into the lucky Gold Merlion statues in exchange for a limited edition Prosperity Coin! ;)

TA-DAH! Our very own lucky Merlion gold coin ;)
Next, we were led into a lift which took us all the way up to the Merlion's head for its breathtaking view! (I was actually talking and Papa randomly snapped a photo of me talking. Oh well.. lol. Btw baby Nathan was fast asleep throughout the entire time...)
Finally, we were at the top!!! We were 60 metres above sea level, and the 360⁰ view was spectacular. As cliche as it sounds, the air smelled fresher and really, everything seemed nicer. The only regret I had was that I didn't bring a cap or sunglasses along. I was squinting throughout the entire time when we were at the top as it was in the afternoon and the sun was shining rather brightly... Nonetheless, it still felt wonderful to be at the top!
Perfect blue and beautiful sky :) So thankful that I was able to enjoy this scenery with my family!

The tourists in front of us were really excited and kept waving at the people at Universal Studios! Hahaha. I'm not sure if the people are even able to see us though...

Sentosa Tiger Sky Tower. We haven't been there before, and it's one of my must-go family attractions! Hopefully we'll be able to check it out sometime soon..
Say Cheeseee! We took so many photos at the top, and these are just some of them..

Universal Studios! One of the most fun places in Singapore.
Singapore's busy shipping port

Last but not least, a photo of us inside the Merlion's mouth. As you can see, we're all kinda sweaty and tired. Shayne was terrified and after this photo was snapped, he quickly rushed forward. Haha.
So that's the end of our Sentosa Merlion sight-seeing post! I'll upload our other family outings soon (our recent KL trip, mother's day weekend and more). Till then, have a good week ahead! :)

 /ps: These are 2 of my favourite photos of our CNY day 1-2. More photos can be viewed here. And check out baby Nathan's stunned face. Hahaha love this cutie baby so much.

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