Thursday, April 3, 2014


A quick snap of my baby bump (approaching 7 months). We can't wait to meet our little mister!
A silly selfie with the crazy Papa and me just before the movie, Mr Peabody and Sherman! Can you spot sneaky Shayne? ;)

So much love for the both of them <333

Shayne making an elephant clay // a DIY clay session for kids

Happy Shayne and his newly-made clay elephant!

Fell asleep at a Hongkong café...Haha,.

The view from our hotel room in Hongkong :)

HAHAHAHA! Obviously he didn't say that, I just added that caption for fun. His Papa was actually adjusting his sleeve.

Last Sunday night // Dinner with Papa and his friends :)

HAHAHAHA I just had to add this photo again (without the edited frame). He always makes this funny face!!! #crazypapa

Shayne pretending to be a scary monster Part 1 (to match the "Haunt" poster beside us). #crazyson #likefatherlikeson
Shayne pretending to be a scary monster Part 2. Haha love my crazy boy!!!

Many photos of Papa and Shayne playing snooker together. Shayne was really learning attentively from his Papa during the entire time.

Look at my son's intense facial expression. #soserious

Trying to play snooker all by himself. The stick was rather heavy for him and it kept wobbling. Haha.

Here's Papa teaching Math problem sums to Shayne. We try to teach and guide Shayne a few pages every day from various assessment books, and so far, Shayne has been a good and studious pupil! (but sometimes he does get distracted by all his wild imagination and starts telling us stories based on the problem sums... haha)
Making volcanoes!!! DIY style ;) just add vinegar and baking powder, and you're good to go!

Happy Shayne, playing with his self-made mini dinosaurs. Haha. He made these after watching Jurassic Park.

Last but not least, here's me trying on my geeky glasses and pink lipstick!!! Hahaha. I was feeling so bored and pregnant at that time, which led to these 2 photos. Anyways our laptop is officially spoilt, so I'm doing this post from another laptop, and I'm soooo not used to it. I clicked on something, which made the screen become bigger and oh my goshhh, my fonts are like 30+ to me right now (although I think it's the standard 12 size). Ok enough of this nonsense, good night!! ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Here are the photos of our visit to the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery @ Hongkong! 

Some information about the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery: "The Big Buddha is the world’s biggest sitting Buddha statue built outdoor. The majestic statue sits atop the peak of Mount Muk Yue. The Po Lin Monastery has taken 12 years to plan and build this bronze Buddha statue that symbolizes the stability of Hong Kong, prosperity of China and peace on earth.

Besides as the must-go destination for prayers, Po Lin Monastery is also a top destination for tourists to experience the natural and cultural side of Hong Kong. The Monastery was initially a small temple constructed by three buddhists in 1924. Over the years, more structures have been added, such as the big temple and the world's largest Big Buddha. Also, it is situated on a mountainous area of Lantau Island.

As such the Po Lin Monastery has now become one of the top must-go destinations for visitors to Hong Kong, and the Big Buddha Statue is now a major landmark in Hong Kong, attracting numerous local and overseas tourists.”

There are over 50 photos in this post, the monastery was really huge and spacious, and it was such a relaxing and peaceful place to be at. Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves and I hope to return back soon. Enjoy the photos!


Big Buddha
Little Shayne, admiring the scenery before him...
See the long queue behind Papa? They're all waiting to board the standard cable-car! The waiting time for them was about 1.5hrs, oh my gosh.
Feeling happy and relaxed on a chilly Sunday afternoon :)
The Long Queue. :/
Bodhi wishing tree
Under the Bodhi Wishing Tree!

Bodhi wishing tree

big buddha

big buddha
And so we continue on our journey to the... Big Buddha!
Me, a happy tourist :D
Excited Shayne ;D
Different cable cars from all over the world. Here are just 3 of them...

Smiling with the happy fortune kitty-cat ;)
Happy Shayne + Happy Cat :)
big buddha

big buddha
It was really cold as we were very high up on a mountain, and could see other nearby mountains and even the clouds!
big buddha

big buddha

Just a few of the local food stalls...
big buddha
It was really cold! Look at all the passing clouds :))

And there were a few cows that strolled passed us! ;D

Just strolling leisurely on a Sunday afternoon.... *moooo*
mother and son ootd
Here's Shayne's face when he saw the cows. LOL.
Papa, another happy tourist! :)
po lin monastery

po lin monastery
"Put your hands in the air..."
po lin monastery
"and shake them from side to side!" My silly boy, dancing away as usual. Haha.
big buddha

big buddha
There were about 200+ steps leading up to the Big Buddha, and as I was pregnant and rather tired already, we didn't climb up the steps... But I hope to climb up and see the Big Buddha upclose in real life some day! Definitely after baby #2 is born. ;)
big buddha

Papa and Shayne.
big buddha
Sunset // it was 5+pm when this was taken.
big buddha

Cheeky Shayne #1 "I'm coming to catch youuu..."
Cheeky Shayne #2 So happy and carefree :)
big buddha
Can you spot little Shayne? Haha.
big buddha
Dancing, again. I think he was dancing to Oppa Gangnum Style? Hahaha.
An area which faces the Big Buddha directly, it's for visitors to do their prayers :)
Exploring a small temple within the Monastery.
Exploring another small temple within the Monastery. We had to be very quiet while entering the different temples as a few visitors were praying...

So serene and peaceful...
big buddha
A last photo of the majestic Big Buddha before we left the Monastery. We will climb up the steps some day!! :)
My loves / Best travelling partners <3
happy family
Haha a silly photo of Shayne and I, it's selfie-time! I love him so much :D
airplane view
A couple of final photos from our airplane before we left Hongkong. We will miss you Hongkong, can't wait to return back again!
airplane view

Tired and sleeping Shayne. Zzzz
airplane view
Beautiful view of the clear blue sky and fluffy white clouds :)
airplane view

And that's the end of our Hongkong post! We spent a good 4 days and 3 nights there, and although we've been to Hongkong about 3-4 times, we still enjoy ourselves every single time and can't wait to return again! :D Papa did take a video of the Big Buddha and Monastery but I'm not sure if he'll upload it... Maybe I'll upload it when I have a chance to use his handphone! Haha ;) Till then, good night!

/ps: We went to Disney on Ice last weekend and I'll try my best to upload the photos soon! Hopefully by this week ;)

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