Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Staycation At The Fullerton Hotel! (Part 2)

As promised, here are more photos of our staycation at The Fullerton Hotel! :)

[DAY 2] Check out baby Nathan's cute swimming costume! Haha. There are vertical styrofoam boards build within it and it helps the baby to float, but of course, adult supervision is still needed. Anw more photos of our swim the The Fullerton Hotel's pool can be found below. But first, photos of FOOD! ;)
[Continuation from DAY 1 post: Day 1 Dinner Buffet] As mentioned previously, the dinner buffet at Town Restaurant location within the hotel offered a wide variety of dishes and I only managed to capture a few photos of our food as I was famished and wanted to dig in immediately! :D Here's the grilled crayfish and prawns, which were so well-seasoned and juicy.

Free flow of lobsters!

Free flow of fresh sashimi, oysters and prawns
The gorgeous night view from our dinner table :)

We had dinner for about 3 hours and were so full (but satisfied!) when we headed back to our hotel room that night. It's about $80 per adult (kids below 7 dine for free! woohoo!) and it's so worth every cent. There was a wide variety of seafood, local dishes, desserts and drinks. Definitely one of the best buffets we've ever had!
Cute SG50 bears cuddling Merlions
Cleaning the koi fish pond

My awesome partner for 11 years! Love <3
[DAY 2] Time for our morning swim! :D It was baby Nathan's first time at a pool too!
Checking out his swimming costume at the mirror, and probably wondering what in the world is he wearing. Hahahaha.

My 3 beloved sweethearts!!! The outdoor infinity pool overlooks the Singapore River and the view was beautiful...
Nathan's first swim :) Thankfully, he isn't afraid of the water and actually enjoys being in the pool! Even when Shayne splashed water on him a few times, he didn't scream or panic. He's truly our lil water baby!

"Hello everyone, it's my first swim and I'm loving it!" says Nathan :D
With my 2 cuties :)
Happy Shayne :)

So we swam for about an hour and then decided to call it a day. We headed back to our hotel room and checked out at about 1230pm.

A few more photos from my handphone, just because I miss our staycation so much... Here's Nathan checking out the balloons at the ceiling. Can't believe my baby is now officially 1 year old. Time flies.
My younger sis and Nathan // My sisters dropped by to visit us at the hotel :)
My younger sis, me and my elder sis!
Noticed how my younger sis and I have the same type of wide smile? Haha. Since young, my mum would always tell us to "smile wide for the camera!" and that's why we smile so similarly now. :D
BYEEE Fullerton Hotel!!! Thanks for the great family staycation and we will miss you.

Part 1 of our staycation at The Fullerton Hotel can be viewed here. Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Staycation At The Fullerton Hotel! (Part 1)

A few days ago, we stayed overnight at The Fullerton Hotel and it was our first time staying at a five-star hotel in Singapore! :)

Initially, we kept it as a surprise from Shayne and only told him that we would be heading somewhere new the night before our staycation. However, when he saw us packing our clothes the next morning, he knew that we were staying at a hotel and couldn't stop asking where were we staying at. Honestly, it was quite difficult for us not to spill the beans. But we managed to zip our mouths and not reveal the secret until we were reaching the hotel. ;) As we were driving pass the Singapore River, we told him that we were staying at The Fullerton Hotel for a night and he didn't believe us at first. Haha! It was only after we walked into the hotel's lobby that he started to realise that it was for real and got really excited. :D

When we entered our hotel room, Shayne and Nathan were so excited that they kept playing and running around. Luckily, after a few minutes, they managed to calm down. So here are some photos of our day 1 at The Fullerton Hotel! :)

"Hello! I'm one year old!" :)

"Huh? What? We're staying here tonight?"
"Oh Yippieee!!!!!" says happy Nathan :D

With my baby boy who turns 1 year old!!!
Complimentary birthday balloons for baby Nathan by The Fullerton Hotel Staff :)
Trying to catch the balloons....
But they've gone up high!!!
Shayne tried to take them down several times...
But failed because he couldn't reach them. Haha.
Staring at the balloons which are high up at the ceiling...
Our little curious frog! :D
In case you were wondering, yes, we ate those 3 apples!

Our cosy hotel room :)
The bathroom

The Fullerton Postmaster Bear says Hi!
Delicious eclairs made by the L'Eclair team. These eclairs were introduced to us by my sister as one of the chefs/co-founders used to be my sister's primary school classmate! You can check out more of their beautiful and yummy creations at ;)

The best eclairs we've ever tasted and Shayne kept asking for more after we ate finish all of them. Haha.
For dinner that evening, we headed to Town Restaurant which is located at The Fullerton Hotel. We opted to dine outside the restaurant so that we could enjoy the night view of the Singapore River. Luckily, the weather was fine that night and we ate SO MUCH food that night. We decided to have the dinner buffet and it is one of THE BEST buffet I've ever had. There were so much seafood to choose from, a wide variety of local dishes, japanese cuisine, desserts, free flow of drinks and....
Okay I'll upload the remaining photos of our dinner buffet (lol), our swim at the Fullerton Hotel's pool and more soon. Bye, have a great week!

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