Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life lately, featuring a cool spoon trick by my babyboy! ;)

Life lately, in 10 photos

Last Saturday (27th Sept 2014): Shayne's final year-end graduation performance and ceremony. All the kids, including Shayne, had to get up at 7am and they rehearsed and performed till 1pm on that day! Hats off to all of them. Such great performers. 

All ready to enter Primary 1 in 3 months time... Time flies. :`(
Unfortunately, Shayne had a high fever on the day of his graduation performance and he even vomitted a few times on Sunday and the night before. My poor sick child. :`((
A photo taken this afternoon. Thankfully, he was finally feeling better after 3 days and he could even smile for the camera! Yay! :)
Playing with his little toys: Mr Ninja turtle on a police bike, Mr Pizza and his fellow friend, and Mr Car-racer (which he pieced together all by himself!).
Last but not least, a photo of (serious) Baby Nathan holding a spoon and doing a certain trick all by himself! Haha ;)
1. First, you hold the spoon
2. Next, you turn the spoon sideways slightly...
3. Finally, you flip the spoon over using your fingers and balance it on your hand! TADAA!!
gif maker at gickr.com

Haha my family actually sent me these 4 photos of baby Nathan performing the spoon trick while I was at work. When I'm at work and I feel bored or lonely, I'll look forward to the photos which my family will send to me. Sometimes they'll send some funny photos of my sons, or random GIFs/memes, and it really makes my day at work much brighter and enjoyable. ;)

Nonetheless, have a great week! And do check out our new partners (privi-kids.com and diapers.com.sg) which are just located at the right side. ----> There's some great discount codes for everyone too! Enjoy and happy shopping! :D

Friday, September 26, 2014


"Do you ever punish your child?" a friend asked me.

I replied quietly, "Yes, I do. Only when it's absolutely necessary."

"Well, you know boys should be punished. That's how they learn," came her swift reply.

If you're a parent, chances are someone somewhere are judging you and thinking that you're doing it all wrong. I've been judged countless times when I had Shayne and now, with my second baby, it doesn't stop. I'm not saying that I am being judged every single day, but yes, I've been judged a handful of times for the way I'm raising my children.

Here are just some of the comments I've received so far:

"Why do you sleep with your sons on the same bed??? Do you know that they will be dependent on you in the future? You need to teach them to be independent! They shouldn't sleep with you on the same bed."

"Have you tried feeding formula to your baby? Or have you tried feeding water to him? I don't think he should be breastfed exclusively. And if you keep breastfeeding him, he will be too attached and dependent on you."

"Why have you gone back to work? You should spend more time with your baby! He needs you now and you shouldn't leave him for work."

"Your son is too skinny. Are you feeding him enough? He needs to eat more, you know."

And these are just some of the comments I've received. Trust me, there are many many more. :(

Parenting is a tough job. And what makes it harder is knowing that your every move is being critiqued by your family, friends and even strangers who don't even know you at all.

We judge parents who are too poor to provide for their kids, parents who are too rich and thus spend too much on their kids, parents who are over 40 years old for having more kids, parents who are under 20 years old for having a kid, single/divorced mothers who choose to keep and provide for their children all by themselves (which I have NO IDEA what's so bad about that) and the list goes on...and on....

To me, parent judging by other fellow parents are the worst. Some strive to be the best parent that they have turned themselves against each other. And sadly, we then judge ourselves as parents because we know we're being judged by other parents. Therefore, this creates a vicious loop and it should be stopped. Once and for all. 

Truth be told, none of us know what we're doing is right or wrong. We all want to be good parents, but what defines a "good parent" is really subjective. Does it involve buying wholesome organic food for our little ones? Does it involve spending 12 hours a day with our kids as compared to 6 hours a day?

I'm writing this post to say one thing. It doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mum, a working-from-home or outside-home mum, an AP (attachment parenting) mum and whatever other terms that have been categorized for all parents out there.

At the end of the day, we're all good parents. We're all good mothers. We may do things differently from one another, but one thing is for sure, we all love our babies exactly the same.

And let's celebrate that. Let's stop the war between parents today.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

10 Reasons Why I Adore You. (Happy 10 Weeks, Babyboy!)

 10 facts about you which I adore:

1) You always smile in the morning when you've just woke up. And although I may be tired and grumpy in the morning, I always end up smiling after seeing your innocent morning smile. :)

2) You always try to join in an adult conversation by making lots of cute mumbling sounds whenever we're talking.

3) You're getting stronger and stronger day by day. You love to kick your legs whenever you're lying down on the bed!

4) I love to feel and look at your tiny fingers and toes. They're so so tiny, and are really the cutest.

5) I love the twinkle and sparkle that you have in your eyes, especially when you smile. :)

6) I love how easy-going and calm you are. Once, I was changing your diaper in the changing room and suddenly, a LOUD whooshing sound was emitted from the air-dryer which was just beside you. Your eyes widened immediately, but you did not cry or even jump. You just stared at me, eyes wide in alarm, but after a few seconds, you relaxed and were back to your normal self.

7) You love to bathe and never resist or cry out loud when we place you in the bathtub. I guess you enjoy the cooling sensation of the water. :)

8) You give the funniest constipated face before pooping, and it's really the cutest and silliest baby face.

9) And speaking about pooping, you'll automatically lift up your legs whenever we change your diaper and sometimes even let out a baby laugh. Haha. I bet it feels good to have someone to wipe up your mess, right? :P

10) Last but not least, I love and adore you because you're my son. And if there's one thing I can do perfectly as a mother, it's to love you whole-heartedly, with every inch of my being.

A silly selfie with you :D

After a long day at work, Papa will always smile and carry you everywhere in his arms at home although he's all tired (and smelly). Haha!
A photo taken by your big brother, Shayne. You love to sleep in our arms and you're like a snugly little koala bear. :)
Your cheeky smile ;) We love you very much, baby Nathan!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Day-Out With My Boys!

Last week, we headed to the airport as we haven't been there for many months, and Shayne missed playing with his mini Tomika toy cars at the toy shop at T3. Here are the photos of our day at the airport, enjoy!

First stop, visiting The Great Adventure Exhibition @ Changi Airport :

Happy me and my babyboy :)

I feel like squishing his cheeks whenever I see this photo of him!!!! My little cutie munchkin. <3

Checking out the game

My mum shared with Shayne the different countries around the world and he was quite fascinated with the giant globe. Haha.
With my mum and baby Nathan, on a boat. :D
My mum kept talking to baby Nathan about the different animals etc, and he looked so lost throughout the entire time. Hahaha.
Sitting on top of a cheetah's head! Roar!
Hello Mr Warrior!
Candid shot taken by Papa.
Next stop: Sitting on the sky train and heading for lunch!

Just me and baby Nathan, standing in a majestic-looking shelter ;)
Time for LUNCH!!! Yummm.

Hungry Shayne :D

Haha, I love this boy so much. #wildandfree

We decided to walk around after lunch, and we soon headed to Terminal 3...
Trying the Millionaire lucky draw!

Papa won an instant prize! Woohoo!
My tired "Batman", with his little tummy ;)
 Last but not least, here are some photos of us and Shayne! And in case you're wondering where's baby Nathan, he was fast asleep in my mother's arms. Haha. He's forever my sleepy little baby... :)

My 2 happy handsome misters!

Haha, my silly boy and I.
I look like a tall giant in this photo. Hahaha. Anyways can you spot tiny Shayne behind me? He was playing with his Tomika toy cars. ;)

And that's the end of this day-out with my family post, I hope you had a good weekend with your loved ones too!
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